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Supported Institutions

Trinity Presbytery engages in mission and ministry opportunities to the following institutions through offering volunteer service and providing financial support through its per capita and/or shared mission giving.

Per capita and Shared Mission Giving
​General Assembly, Synod of South Atlantic and Trinity Presbytery.
Congregations may pay an annual amount of money per church member, or per capita apportionment, to their respective presbyteries to cover the costs of church government. This includes funding for General Assemblies and other meetings, ecumenical participation, ordination exams for ministers, the Presbyterian Historical Society, and many other activities. (It does not include money for the church’s mission work.) Per Capita is a fundamental way in which all of the nearly 9,500 congregations and mid councils of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) are connected and participate in the work of the wider church.

Trinity Presbytery participates in the work of the larger church through its per capita and unified benevolence giving to both the General Assembly and the Synod of South Atlantic. Per capita is an opportunity for all communicant members of the Presbyterian church through the mid councils to participate equally, responsibly, and interdependently by sharing the cost of coordination and evaluation of mission; and of performing ecclesiastical, legislative, and judicial functions that identify a Reformed Church, while at the same time strengthening the sense of community among all Presbyterians (GA Minutes, Part I, 1995).

Trinity Presbytery in its efforts to execute ministry and mission in its geographic area has been the recipient of hundreds of thousands of dollars from both the Presbyterian Mission Agency of the General Assembly and the Synod of South Atlantic in the form of grants for new church developments, congregational transformations, new worshiping communities, scholarships for theological education, support of racial-ethnic congregations and special congregational projects.

There are 59 congregations and 11,793 communicant members of Trinity Presbytery.  The total 2023 per capita giving per member is $78.95. This represents a monthly per capita giving of $6.58 per member.

​The total 2023 per capita giving amount of $78.95 supports the ministry and mission of Trinity Presbytery, the Synod of South Atlantic, and the General Assembly in the following manner:

  • Trinity Presbytery per capita $51.25, or a total of $604,355

  • Trinity Presbytery Shared Mission Giving per capita $16.35 or a total of $192,769

  • Synod of South Atlantic per capita $1.50, or a total of $17,690

  • General Assembly per capita $9.85, or a total of $116,061

Additionally, Trinity Presbytery’s Shared Mission Budget supports the mission budgets of Synod of South Atlantic with $11,793 and General Assembly with $30,000.

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