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Interim Director of Christian Education

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Charleston, SC, USA

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The Interim Director of Christian Education (DCE) is concerned with the total education of the church and other learning activities which contribute to the effective and faithful communication of the word of God and the fellowship of God’s people. The Interim DCE shall affirm the essential tenets of the Reformed faith and shall have as his/her primary focus to nurture the spiritual growth of individuals and families as they seek to be faithful followers of Christ in the world today.  The term for the position of the Interim Director of Christian Education job is until such time as an Associate Minister of Christian Education and Congregational Life is hired.

General: The Interim DCE serves under the direct supervision of the Pastor. The Interim DCE will work with the Session in planning for, developing, and supervising the Christian educational ministry of the church in accordance with the policies and directions of the Christian Education Committee.

Education/Experience: The Interim DCE should have a degree in education, preferably a bachelor’s degree or master’s in Christian Education. A degree in early childhood education or elementary education is acceptable, with a minimum of 3-5 years classroom teaching experience.

Duties: The Interim DCE will work in several main areas of ministry with the congregation of First (Scots) Presbyterian Church:  Sunday school (all ages), Kirk Club (mid-week children’s program), Wednesday Evening Programs (mid-week adult programs), Bible Studies, VBS.  Additionally, the Interim DCE supervises the Nursery Coordinator who coordinates childcare for Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings, and for Bible studies. The Interim DCE also works in coordination with other staff and ministry divisions to help coordinate worship education, missions, fellowship.

Committee Assignments:

  • The Interim DCE shall attend monthly meetings of the Christian Education Division.

  • The Interim DCE shall work closely with the Christian Education Assistant.

  • The Interim DCE may be appointed to other church committees as may be appropriate for carrying out the educational work of the church.

  • The Interim DCE shall attend stated Session meetings.

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