The Commission on Ministry provides for the pastoral care and support of church professionals, develops opportunities for fellowship and guidance and colleague groups for clergy, educators, and spouses, and attends to the emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being of church professionals and their families, with particular attention given to persons with special care needs. 

In fulfilling its duties and responsibilities, the Commission on Ministry shall:

a.    function according to the provisions of the Book of Order, G-3.0307 and G-2.08, and has authority of the Presbytery to dissolve the pastoral relationship in cases where the congregation and Teaching Elder or Commissioned Ruling Elder concur (Book of Order, G-2.09 and G-2.10).

b.     have responsibility for all Minister members of the Presbytery, Ministers of the Word and Sacrament seeking membership, Candidates seeking ordination, Christian Educators, Commissioned Ruling Elders, Pastor Nominating Committees, and Educator Search Committees.

c.     examine all Ministers of the Word and Sacrament seeking membership in the Presbytery (Book of Order, G-2.0503), all Candidates seeking ordination and membership in the Presbytery (Book of Order, G-2.0702), and all Ruling Elders seeking to be commissioned by the Presbytery (Book of Order, G-2.1002) in preparation for examination and reception by the Presbytery .

d.     report directly to the Presbytery in all matters regarding Ministers, calls to Ministers from churches, the appropriateness of Ministers' work, and the relationship between Ministers and congregations, or Commissioned Ruling Elders and congregations, or Educators and congregations.

e.      oversee the professional development of Ministers, Church Educators, and commissioned workers, ensuring that these persons are taking advantage of available conferences, seminars, and continuing education opportunities.

f.      oversee the distribution of available scholarship funds for continuing education for church professionals.

g.     administer the Alex Mitchell Endowment Fund for Pastoral Care and Professional Development.

h.     interpret and promote the work of the Board of Pensions among Ministers, Educators, and members of the Benefits Plan, providing information on material support and benefits available to church workers.

Any member in good standing in a Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) congregation within the bounds of Trinity Presbytery, together with all Ministers of the Word and Sacrament who are members of the Presbytery, shall be eligible for election to membership on the Commission on Ministry. Such members shall be Ruling Elders, Ministers, or other church professionals.

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