Trinity Presbytery South Sudan Ministry Working to Keep School Open. You can help!

Mission Opportunity for Churches/Groups

Earlier this year, the Trinity South Sudan Ministry (TSSM) pledged support for the Kondoko School in Pibor, South Sudan, after learning that the government had stopped paying the teachers' salaries, and that the school had ceased to function. TSSM's support led to the re-opening of the school, but based on their current and prospective budget allowance, the ministry cannot continue to pay the teachers which will result in school closure and great disappointment. The cost of the school is about $4/student per month. The poverty is such that the community cannot raise that small amount for each child.

 Please click here to read the letter from the TSSM to find out how you can help keep this school open. 

If you are interested in making a contribution, having someone come speak to your church or group, or would just like to learn more, please contact Rev. Dr. Ben Sloan or
Mr. Bill Andress.