UKIRK Ready to Welcome 7,000 Freshmen and Transfer Students!

August finds UKirk getting ready to head back to school just like with everybody else pre-K through 12 grade.


UKirk is getting to ready to welcome nearly 7,000 freshman and transfer students at the University of South Carolina! We have helped with Orientation, and we will have our own UKirk welcome week in August with several events – including Presbyterians and Pelicans Snowballs, Taco Thursday, and Worship Sundays at Shandon and our first home-cooked program meal – served up by one of the Circles of Trinity Presbytery!


We are excited about the ever-changing congregation of students, faculty and staff we seek to serve and share the love of Christ. And we are thankful for Trinity Presbytery’s dedication to and support of campus ministry that enables us to encourage, engage, motivate, grow, teach, share, love, and walk alongside Christ’s way with more than 45 students, faculty, and staff each and every week in campus ministry.


And as the Presbyterian campus minister getting ready to welcome all those new faces, I feel incredibly blessed to work alongside Trinity Presbytery in this vital and impactful ministry.


So be in prayer for our campus ministry, the new and returning students and their families. And most importantly – as I get older for me it is – rest up and get ready – 7,000 new congregants are coming!