Danny C. Murphy

General Presbyter

As General Presbyter, I function as a steward leader of our member congregations, seeking to insure that our collective human and financial resources are used to assist, facilitate, and support their witness to the sovereign activity of God in the world. The ultimate aim is for all our constituent congregations to become communities of faith, hope, love, witness and service, so that those who do not know Jesus come to know, love and serve him and for those who do know Jesus come to love him more intimately and serve him more faithfully.

Additionally, working in conjunction with the Presbytery Coordinating Team, I serve as the Administrative Officer of the Presbytery in overseeing the administration and coordination of the entire organizational system of the Presbytery. In doing so, I also have the responsibility of supervising all Presbytery staff members. The overall goal is to help insure that their God-given gifts are used to provide the necessary support so that the divisions, committees, commissions, task forces, and other agencies established to accomplish the mission and ministry of Trinity Presbytery are able to do so efficiently and effectively.

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As a second career pastor, I come to the position of Stated Clerk with a different perspective.  Serving small and medium congregations since 1997, after a ten year career in data processing, I appreciate the struggles and joys of smaller membership congregations.  Informed by that experience, I believe the Stated Clerk’s responsibilities revolve around three specific areas: Relationship Building, Information Management, and Constitutional Interpretation.

Building relationships between congregations of all sizes in Trinity Presbytery is essential for us to live out our calling as disciples of Jesus Christ.  Every congregation, has a unique calling and gifts to fulfill that calling in community with other congregations, both within and outside our presbytery.  To do so, we need to strengthen the bonds which unite us, while celebrating the diversity among us.

When I accepted the call to be Stated Clerk, I was told the training was like drinking from a fire-hose.  However, stepping into the position has been more like standing in front of a fire-hose trying to prevent any water from hitting the ground.  What is clear is that the better our management of the information we are charged to keep and handle, the better we will meet the needs of our congregations and fulfill the mission of the presbytery.

Finally, we bind ourselves together through our polity.  But, like many organizations structured around living documents, there are times when we need to interpret the document for the immediate circumstance.  Someone has to be the contact person for communication and interpretation to maintain consistency of interpretation.  As always, the issue in teaching and interpreting the Book of Order, is not legalism or punishment, but ordering our lives as disciples of Jesus Christ, seeking to embody his reconciliation in our lives.

In all three areas, I seek to be a servant of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and a servant of the congregations, pastors, members, and staff of Trinity Presbytery.  I look forward to working with all the saints of Trinity Presbytery.  To God be the glory.

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Lisa Mallory

Administrative Assistant to the General Presbyter & Stated Clerk

My job is multi-faceted: not only do I work with the website and the E-News but also for the General Presbyter and Stated Clerk.  Much of my time is spent keeping the records, minutes, and statistics of the presbytery up-to-date. I enjoy seeing members of Presbytery at our meetings and helping folks over the telephone.

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As Accountant, I work with the Treasurer to maintain bookkeeping, budget, and financial reporting for Presbytery and our churches.  In addition, I administer all Human Resources functions including payroll and benefits and am the Board of Pensions Liaison for presbytery. I enjoy connecting with all of our churches and look forward to serving you all.

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Kevin Cartee

Executive Director of Outdoor Ministries and Leadership Development

As the Executive Director of Fellowship Camp and Conference Center, I work with our Outdoor Ministries Division and Board to support the mission and ministry of local congregations and Trinity Presbytery through our beautiful ministry site.  I am so happy that God has called me into camping ministry, a challenging and fulfilling call!  I pray that others will come into closer relationship with God, each other, and God’s wonderful creation through our ministry opportunities!

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Emily Kienker

Assistant Director for Fellowship Camp and Conference Ministries and Church Relations

I have found my passion in outdoor ministry and I'm so excited to be able to serve at a place that has truly become such a big part of my heart over the past years. I look forward to welcoming campers and groups to Fellowship and becoming more involved with the other activities of our presbytery and its churches.

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