The Personnel Committee (PC) is a subcommittee of the Coordinating Team. The primary function of the PC is to examine issues affecting our staff and forward recommendations to the Presbytery Coordinating Team. It seeks to support our staff and ensure their effectiveness in the work of the Presbytery by creating a healthy work environment where shared expectations are cultivated so there are no surprises and issues can be dealt with before they are personal situations. 

In fulfilling its responsibilities, the Personnel Committee shall:

a.   maintain the Personnel Policies and Practices Manual.

b.   review the personnel policies and recommend revisions as appropriate.

c.   ensure that personnel policies cover all staff, including regular, temporary, contract, full-time and part-time.

d.   ensure that personnel policies follow state law concerning unemployment compensation, sickness, disability, and so forth.

e.   review at least every two years the job descriptions of all staff to ensure that there is harmony among the goals of Presbytery, the duties assigned in the job description, and the gifts of the person holding the position.

f.   ensure that staffing patterns are consistent with the mission, goals, and programming needs of Presbytery.

g.   receive the annual performance appraisals for all staff from the appropriate supervisors.

h.   act as a support group for the General Presbyter and other members of the staff. 

i.     act on formal written grievances against the General Presbyter or when a staff member formally appeals a decision by the General Presbyter.

j.   confer with the General Presbyter on any important issues of concern.

k.  make recommendations to the Coordinating Team regarding staff salaries and benefits.

l.   provide recommendations to the Coordinating Team on continuing staff employment.

m. serve as search committee when new staff needs to be hired and make recommendations to the Coordinating Team and/or Presbytery.

n.   encourage professional growth and development for all staff members.

o.   implement a plan of equal employment opportunities, developed in consultation with the Coordinating Team and approved by the Presbytery.

Any member in good standing in a Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) congregation within the bounds of Trinity Presbytery, together with all Teaching Elders who are members of the Presbytery, shall be eligible for election to this committee.

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