The Outdoor Ministry Division (OMD) helps people nourish and sustain faith in God by building community, fostering relationships and exploring our connection with Creation. It aims to accomplish this by promoting the theological, educational, and ecological possibilities for furthering God's call to discipleship through the planning and implementation of programs for Trinity Presbytery and especially at our Fellowship Camp & Conference Center.

In fulfilling its duties and responsibilities, the Outdoor Ministry Division shall:

a.   promote with energy, enthusiasm, and passion the Outdoor Ministry and Leadership opportunities by increasing the visibility of programs, identifying and building relationships with key individuals, developing partnerships and providing marketing strategies for the ministry throughout the presbytery and local communities.

b.   maximize church, community, corporate and educational use of the camp facility by overseeing the plans for the implementation and evaluation of year-round innovate programming (including summer camp) that foster Christian growth in consultation with the Executive Director of Outdoor Ministries & Leadership Development.

c.   assure the recruitment and training of program staff, specialists, volunteers, retreat leadership, etc.

d.   make sure appropriate educational resources and curricula are used for year-round and summer program in collaboration with the Executive Director of Outdoor Ministries & Leadership.

e.   develop and implement policies and procedures that model the principles of environmental science and the practices of good stewardship of God's creation.

f.   enable the churches and the Presbytery to be informed about issues relating to the protection and restoration of the environment and opportunities for response by individuals and congregations.

g.   reach out to local groups in ways that make the camp and presbytery relevant to the local community and which demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

h.   establish partnerships with local educational institutions, business, and community organizations that promote and enhance the ecological/environmental issues associated with the camp and region.

i.   develop an operation budget that clearly delineates separate program costs for summer camp  and year round camp (counselors, other staffing, food service, housekeeping, supplies, etc.), facilities costs (repairs, maintenance, utilities, vehicle, etc.), and the "per camper" costs.

j.   develop a Maintenance Master Plan which includes major item replacement, on-going maintenance schedule, crisis and disaster issues, including a 3-5 year plan for renovation, improvement and/or expansion of existing facilities.

k.   insure that opportunities for training and leadership development are created, planned, implemented and evaluated.

l.   oversee and evaluate the work of the Executive Director of Outdoor Ministries & Leadership.

Any member in good standing in a Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) congregation within the bounds of Trinity Presbytery, together with all Teaching Elders who are members of the Presbytery, shall be eligible for election to this division.

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