The Division of Evangelism and Church Support (DECS) provides opportunities for evangelism to be learned; plans and coordinates the establishment of new worshiping communities; seeks to strengthen and support the on-going transformation of existing congregations; encourages evangelism and outreach among institutions of higher learning; and increases awareness and promotes the concerns of racial-ethnic ministries of Trinity Presbytery. 

In fulfillment of its duties and responsibilities, the Division of Evangelism and Church Support shall:

a.   promote effective programs and strategies for evangelism and outreach within congregations of the presbytery.

b.   develop a workable model and strategy for organizing new worshiping communities, oversee their work, and encourage existing congregations to be involved in organizing and colonizing new worshiping communities.

c.   work with the Committee on Ministry to identity congregations that may be candidates for congregational transformation and assist in the study and evaluation of those churches with a view toward seeking funding for congregational transformation.

d.   work with churches seeking assistance in goal-setting, long-range planning, and congregational mission analysis.

e.   maintain a network of support and resourcing for smaller-member churches.

f.   assist churches in writing grant proposals for the Synod and General Assembly grant programs.

g.   review and endorse applications to Synod's Hemphill Loan Fund.

h.   maintain a liaison with the Campus Ministry program at USC, and shall maintain contact with campuses throughout the state, and regularly advise the Presbytery and its churches about our denomination's activities in higher education as one of the significant fields of evangelism and outreach.

i.   encourage congregations located in or near college communities to explore the possibilities of ministry to students and staff members at those institutions.

Any member in good standing in a Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) congregation within the bounds of Trinity Presbytery, together with all Teaching Elders who are members of the Presbytery, shall be eligible for election to this division.

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